Scheduler Lite Ocx

Scheduler Lite

What is it?

Scheduler Lite (ScPro.ocx) is a fully interactive Gantt chart control with many scheduling properties.

It is a COM component compatible with all ActiveX containers and .NET (including but not limited to Visual Studio, VB6 and Access)

This edition has a basic scheduling engine: the scheduler can allocate every added Job on the Gantt with an ASAP logic considering non work periods and block overlapping

The license includes 1 year on line service/updates and the distribution is royalty free!

Key features

Scheduling, interactive Gantt chart, Pert chart, Gradient styles, Chart printing, HTML exporting, Gantt open/save and much more.

For advanced scheduling engine, see the Scheduler Pro Edition.


Episode 3: handling dead zones and conflicts in our scheduling components

Full Specifications

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