service Scheduler Service

What is it?

With this option you can have 1 year of updates and on line support for our scheduling products.

The purchase of the Scheduler Lite/Pro/Net edition include 1 year of service. When the service ends you can renew it with this option.

The purchase of the Scheduler Basic edition does not include any on line service. You can purchase it with this option.

Our online support service is at your disposal for any question about project issues or scheduling component problems.

To keep track of any news visit the product page or automatically follow us on Twitter.

In case of important component news an email is automatically sent to your attention.

To get an announced update just request it by email.

Key features

1 year of updates: access to any major or minor release of the scheduling component

1 year of online support: answers and solutions to any project issue or scheduling component problem

With this option Scheduler Pro customers when the bundled service ends can upgrade to the Scheduler Net Edition!


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