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Why is Chart Pro a great add-on?

1.    Planning: Combining this activeX with our Scheduler products you can handle your planning process (using the†† ResCapacity and ResLoad methods ).

2.    On line support: the purchase of the component includes 1 year of on line service (; this service delivers answers and solutions (examples, code suggestions, problem solving, debugging of your code, debugging of saved projects,..) in a fast and reliable way.

3.    On line updates: the purchase of the component includes 1 year of free updates of the component (; all the upgrades of the component (bug removal, new functions, new methods,..) are available to our customers. See the version history (View history)

4.    No distribution royalties: the purchase of the component ensures you the right to distribute your compiled applications developed under this license without any distribution royalties (see the license agreement)


Planning, what is it?

Planning software can dramatically increase the horizon of companies. In manufacturing, the purpose of planning is to manage overloads and to monitor available capacity by generating a load/capacity report (in hours) with reference to a specified time gap (days, weeks, months). It does not preserve the operation sequences in the considered interval.

Planning deals with a long time horizon (much longer than scheduling), usually ranging from weeks to months, and the load (hours) and capacity (hours) is calculatedon resources per every specified time gap (day, week, month) and usually displayed with an interactive bar chart.

The input is not limited to manufacturing orders as it may consider data from other sources (such as offers that may become orders).

The output is provided using graphic (bar charts) or text based printouts (spreads and lists) where overload and capacity is put in evidence.

Our solution

This control can receive the capacity and load from the Scheduler products and take care of everything else: the developer has only to write some code to link the available data for every specified time gap.

For every resource and time gap you can get the capacity from the our scheduler calendar using the ResCapacity method and the load from our scheduler time blocks using the Resload method and/or from your the job database using suitable sql queries (importing the total job duration for every specified time gap).

For any further information please refer to the developerís guide.


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